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PNLD has a wide range of features specifically designed to assist legal professionals throughout the criminal justice community.

Our Vision

PNLD aspire to be the leading online provider of criminal law information by delivering legal insight and clarity through fresh approaches.

Our Mission

PNLD are a national organisation recognised for providing a consistently accurate, timely and reliable online criminal law resource for the police and its criminal justice partners.

We will continue to guide and inform on essential legal matters in a helpful, educational and cost effective way; contributing to the overall efficiency of criminal justice.

PNLD is an information resource of criminal justice legislation containing Acts of Parliament, Common Law, Regulations, Orders and Byelaws, Case Summaries and the National Standard Offence Wordings and Codes used throughout the court system of England and Wales.

We provide clear explanations and guidance on the law, all written in plain English to ensure the information can be readily understood and quickly assimilated. Helpful guidance notes and hyperlinks to useful legal definitions aid ease of use.

PNLD continues to guide and inform the Police Service of England and Wales on criminal law and has done so for over 25 years. We provide timely, accurate and essential information on legal matters that many officers need on a day-to-day basis. The content and style of our legal database has proved so successful that we have made it available to all on subscription.

Our team of highly qualified Legal Advisers research new and amended legislation daily, reacting promptly to legislative changes. As such, PNLD's legal database is considered by its customers to be a trusted and vital tool of their trade.

Access is available, on subscription, to support all those with an interest in criminal justice, whether professionally, academically or for their personal development.

  • As a criminal justice professional, we know how vital it is to apply the law appropriately. Knowing precisely what you can do in pursuing an investigation but equally as important, what you cannot do.
  • PNLD will help to support you in making those challenging decisions.

BSI ISO 9001:2015 nationally accredited since 2006, shows our commitment to providing and maintaining processes that are key to producing high quality products and services. 

PNLD - Leading police resource of criminal justice legislation

We know how vital it is to apply the law appropriately. We will support you in making those challenging decisions when pursuing an investigation.
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