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Case Law

Ruling regarding directions to jury where lies are told by a witness.

 In the case of R v Pitcher 2021 the Court of Appeal considered what direction is required regarding lies told by a witness whom the defendant claims is guilty.

Legal Q&A

Threats in order to gain sexual photos. 

A victim has been contacted and has been asked for a picture of her breasts, in which the suspect has threatened if she didn’t, they would contact social services to make various false claims. 

What would be the most appropriate offence please? Would this be blackmail or malicious communications?

Case Law

Ruling regarding ‘causation’ in murder where alcohol poisoning was cause of death.
In the case of R v Field 2021 a murder conviction where F had befriended and drugged his victim after persuading him to change his will was upheld. The judge’s directions were clear and the jury determined F's actions were a more than minimal cause of death.

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