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Legal Q&A

Issuing a DVPN whilst a suspect is on bail

Would it be legal to bail someone for a domestic violence matter and then also seek a DVPN/O?

For example following a report of a domestic s.39 battery but with no injury, the injured party doesn't make a complaint, but we are looking to obtain a CPS charging decision based on the evidence from the officers body worn video and 999 call in order to complete a victimless prosecution.

Case Law

Ruling regarding inadmissible fresh evidence in a PWITS case
In the case of R v Coates 2023, it was held that the conviction for PWITS was safe where the proposed fresh evidence was hearsay and inadmissible, and the summing-up by the judge had been adequate.


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Drink & Drug Driving

Welcome to our legal feature 'In the Spotlight'

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Drink & Drug Driving