This pocket reference guide has been written by PNLD and kindly printed by Police Mutual. It outlines the offences and powers that are available to an officer in the course of their duty.

It includes areas of the law that reflect current trends in criminal behaviour. We have selected the standard offences most frequently used by the 43 Home Office police forces’ from over 13,000 Standard Offence Wordings written and available on this website.

For years, this helpful booklet has been in huge demand by police officers and staff alike. It provides key information pertinent to operational roles, highlighting definitions, points to prove and policing powers covering a wide range of legal topics.

Each offence included in this booklet provides information on the points to prove for that offence, the mode of trial and police actions, with a simple key to abbreviations. Helpful notes have been included to aid understanding; together with references to other offences of note.

A must for all serving operational officers, staff and volunteers.

To request a copy of the booklet, please click here.

Copies can also be obtained from your local Police Mutual Representative.