Terms & Conditions - Definitions



means the general conditions set out in this document from time to time



means the contract between PNLD and the Subscriber 



means any database for which PNLD provides access and use to the Subscriber as set out on the Contract

End User


means members of the police force or employees of the organisation who register to access or use the databases or in the case that the Subscriber is an individual, the Subscriber him/herself.



means the information contained in the Databases and any other materials provided by PNLD under the Contract



the legal entity for PNLD is the Police and Crime Commissioner for West Yorkshire, Ploughland House, 62, George Street, Wakefield, West Yorkshire WF1 1DL

Pricing Schedule


means the schedule setting out the current fees and charges for the Services PNLD provide as varied from time to time in accordance with clause 5 of these Conditions



means the services and products provided to the Subscriber by PNLD under the Contract including the Databases and Materials



means any special conditions set out in the schedules to the Contract or to a Contract Change Notice



means a police force, organisation or individual who have paid a subscription for the use of the databases pursuant to the Contract.



means the use of the databases in accordance with the terms of the Contract on payment of the Subscription Charges.



means the fees payable under the Pricing Schedule for the use of the databases as increased annually in accordance with clause 5 of these Conditions.

  Terms & Conditions