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PNLD strives to provide the information you need. We have developed a suite of innovative products and services in response to customer demand.



Police National Legal Database (PNLD) is an online resource of criminal justice legislation and is available on subscription -

Current legislation - Acts of Parliament, Common Law, Regulations, Orders and Byelaws, summaries of relevant cases and national standard offence wordings and codes used throughout the court system of England and Wales

All legislation is annotated with clear explanations and guidance written in plain English by our dedicated team of Legal Advisers

Police Officers and Staff will be able to access the legal database free from any personal web enabled device as part of their force subscription, at no additional cost to the individual

PLUS a comprehensive legal question and answering service

Please see our Benefits page and PNLD case study for more information.

Unique solutions for legal support and reference



free to access online information resource of Q&A’s that respond to the general public’s most frequently asked policing questions.  Offers an alternative contact method, reducing calls to the police, freeing up resources and saving money - 

Over 800 questions and answers, guidance and advice on crime or legal related issues with national links to relevant organisations

PLUS the facility to email a question directly

Available to download as an app on iOS and Android

Additional option for a police force or local authority to add localised information, additional questions or embed the website content

Purchase the concept, Police Scotland has done just that - A corresponding app is also available on iOS and Android

Please see our Ask the Police case study for more information.

Empowering the public - Serving the community



free to access online resource that provides collective information for victims and witnesses and offers professional support and advice for those affected by crime -

Over 400 Q&A’s on how victims and witnesses should be treated within the criminal justice system with links to national supporting organisations

PLUS the facility to email a question or contact Victim Support directly.  Information and answers are provided by experienced professionals in the victim support field and this website is completely anonymous.

Available to download as an app on iOS and Android

Additional option to adopt a local model which can be translated into the 5 most commonly spoken languages plus the facility to add local questions, information and links to supporting organisations locally.

Please see our Help for Victims case study and video guide.


Supporting victims and witnesses of crime

Motoring & The Law


Need to know more about road traffic legislation?
Motoring & The Law app is the latest product in PNLD’s suite of legal resources. Simple to complex traffic Q&A’s are supported by a wealth of up to date legal knowledge that provides instant comprehensive answers!

This concept, created by PNLD with the support of the Cabinet Office “Good Law” team and partially funded by the Home Office

Created in an effort to make law more accessible and simpler to understand

Combines the best of both of our existing services and

It provides the answers to over 200 road traffic related questions enhanced by appropriate legal content and knowledge acquired by PNLD over the last 20 years

Answers supported by cases, legislation and details of penalties and points to prove where offences are involved

Facility to email our Legal Team for more information if required

In simple terms this app answers everyday questions from basic motoring issues to those of a more complex nature

This app will be made available to police forces as part of their
subscription to PNLD’s legal database

The app can also be purchased by individuals for use on
iOS and Android based smart devices for £2.29

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Customer Survey Results

undefinedAs part of our ongoing marketing strategy and in order to obtain relevant, specific and measurable customer feedback PNLD developed an online survey designed to measure customer satisfaction against PNLD performance.

During a 3 month period (Feb 6th – May 6th 2015) 261 respondents completed the online survey, there were responses from a wide variety of customers from Business Support Officers, Custody Officers, Detective Chief Inspectors, Force Crime Registrars, Police Trainers to Case Decision Makers.


99% found PNLD legal content to be accurate and reliable

99% would recommend PNLD’s legal resource to a colleague

35% of respondents gave specific examples of when PNLD had proved invaluable to them!

85% respondents rated our customer service to be good to excellent

Improvements to the search facility was an area that customers identified. This is under review and will be addressed in 2016/17.

In what circumstances are you most likely to use PNLD’s legal database?


On average, how often do you use PNLD’s legal database?


Survey Comments

Excellent Service, invaluable to my work

Easy to log on - easy to use - confident that information on PNLD is up-to-date and accurate

Essential reference tool to operational officers

As a qualified lawyer, ex policeman and a current investigator PNLD is undoubtedly the best research tool and legal resource available

It is excellent, a great reference tool. PNLD is the first place I look

It is an invaluable tool that I utilise daily and I am discovering new areas every time I access it that are helpful and informative.

Overall the response to PNLD’s customer satisfaction survey has been extremely positive. The overwhelming high percentage of positive feedback throughout the survey has indicated a good level of customer satisfaction in PNLD, its products and levels of service.

The survey has provided an insight into the perceived customer value of PNLD’s legal database and highlighted the necessities of maintaining an accurate, up to date database.

undefined  Thank you for taking part


undefinedPNLD Police & Law Insight

PNLD Police & Law Insight is an online magazine that pulls together a comprehensive array of articles and advice on current legislation and topical issues.  

PNLD has been at the forefront of providing legal guidance to the law enforcement community for over 20 years. Policing is an ever-changing environment and our online magazine, containing relevant and up-to-date police and legal information, complements the content of our legal database.

Designed to be informative, impartial and independent, Police and Law Insight will be published online monthly via the website.


Legal Publications

Not all PNLD's products rely on computer technology, our team of Legal Advisers write and edit a suite of Blackstone's Handbooks published by Oxford University Press.

undefinedOur titles include the highly regarded Blackstone's Police Operational Handbook: Law which is drawn from PNLD's legal database. Despite its compact size, the handbook contains a wealth of information specially selected to meet the needs of the operational police officer, police community support officer, special constable or other practitioner who has to interpret and apply the criminal law within the community.

Further titles have since been added; to include

Police Operational Handbook: 2017 Law

Blackstone's Police Operational Handbook: Practice and Procedure

Blackstone's Counter-Terrorism Handbook

Blackstone's Handbook of Ports and Border Security 

Blackstone's Preventing Terrorism and Violent Extremism

Blackstone’s Handbook of Cyber Crime Investigation
(pending publication)

For more information or to purchase and benefit from 20% discount, please click the image or contact Oxford University Press and quote ALFLY5F at checkout.

PNLD offer savings for those wishing to subscribe to the legal database and purchase a handbook simultaneously. For more information please visit our subscription page


undefinedDefinitions and Points to Prove booklet

Created in partnership with Police Mutual, PNLD provides the legal content for our joint Definitions and Points to Prove booklet which highlights the 50 most commonly charged offences. A must for all serving operational officers, staff and volunteers, copies can be obtained from your local Police Mutual Representative or by contacting us.


Criminal Law Conference


On 20th October 2016 PNLD held its 10th Criminal Law Conference

Our thanks go the speakers, sponsors and delegates for
making the event such a success.

To pre-book your place for this years conference on Tuesday 17th October please email:

PNLD continue to provide free delegate places for their customers, including the police service nationally, at their highly respected Criminal Law Conference. Building on the successes of previous PNLD conferences, delegates are given high calibre legal presentations from a range of impressive key speakers, providing invaluable training for customers, police officers and staff.  We plan to host our annual conference next year on Tuesday 17th October, allowing us to continue to expand our commitment to education and interact with those who use our legal resource every day.

Speakers and content

See our 2016 agenda 

Feedback from 2016 Conference

“I just wanted to express my gratitude for such a fantastic day yesterday.  It was really well organised, fantastically interesting and an all-round great day.  I have recommended it to all my colleagues here at Bedfordshire Police and can’t wait for next year!  The speakers were really fantastic, I have to say Anthony Edwards I could listen to all day, he is so engaging and clearly a natural speaker!  A great day thank you very much, please pass on my appreciation”.

“I wish inputs like this were provided in my initial training”

“A really fantastic day, thank you very much”

“Very interesting, informative, well organised conference.  Will recommend to other staff members within our force as will benefit from attending future conferences”