Do you want to be a PNLD film star?

17 September 2020

Whatever your role, whether it's CID, response, HMET or any other specialised area we are on the look out for willing volunteers to help us with a new project.

Whether you are fresh out of training school or have seen PNLD grow right from the start over 25 years ago, we want your help!

We need a short clip, approx. 30 seconds, of you providing the following information:




Description of how PNLD supports you in your day to day role

These videos will be shared across our website and social media channels to promote greater use of PNLD to the wider policing community.

With over 18,000 users signed up for free access to PNLD on personal devices, the future of PNLD is looking brighter than ever.

Please submit your video via email to: