Definitions and Points to Prove booklet

25 June 2020

undefinedThis pocket sized reference guide, jointly produced by PNLD and Police Mutual, sets out the powers that are available to an officer in the course of their duty and includes over 50 offences reflecting current trends in criminal behaviour. For years this booklet has been in huge demand by police officers and staff.

This helpful booklet will provide key information pertinent to your operational role, highlighting policing powers covering a wide range of legal topics.

This pocket guide sets out the most popular offences which have been selected according to our usage figures. Each offence included in this booklet provides information on the points to prove for that offence, the mode of trial, police actions – with a simple key to abbreviations at the end of the booklet, helpful notes to aid understanding, together with references to other offences of note and PNLD document numbers.

Powers covered include: arrest and caution, entry, search, seizure, stop and search; and powers under the Road Traffic Act 1988. We also provide information on dealing with breach of the peace, consideration of people with mental health issues, types of cyber–dependent and cyber–enabled crime, and much more.

A must for all serving operational officers, staff and volunteers.

To request a copy of the booklet, please contact us:

From your force email account, and

Provide a business address

Copies can also be obtained from your local Police Mutual Representative.

In the current climate, all PNLD staff are working from home. Please continue to submit your requests for copies of the booklets and our partners, Police Mutual, will post them on our behalf.