DC Divek Ubhi's Story

11 February 2021

As part of our #SignUpToPNLD campaign DC Divek Ubhi from West Yorkshire Police kindly shared his views on how our legal database is invaluable in his role.

Currently working at the homicide and major enquiry team, DC Ubhi stated "Throughout my police career I've found PNLD my number one reference point.

I've often found myself logging onto the legal database, to make sure that the information that I am getting is up-to-date and accurate so that the decision that I'm making can be under-pinned by PNLD."

Our legal database clarifies this by providing clear explanations and guidance on the law, all written in plain English to ensure the information can be readily understood and quickly assimilated. The helpful guidance notes and hyperlinks to useful legal definitions also aid ease of use.

DC Ubhi added that "I've also found that whilst I'm briefing officers, I'm logging onto PNLD in order to get the correct information and legislation, so those officers are on sound footing when they are interviewing the suspects or witnesses."

In an effort to improve knowledge of the law and share vital legal updates and news with our policing family, PNLD is providing, free personal access to its legal database for all police officers, staff and volunteers at no cost to the individual.

This will provide you with full, unlimited access to our legal database via any personal or force device.

Simply visit www.pnld.co.uk and select ‘Police Access’ from the left hand menu to register or click here.