It is now an offence to possess or use sulfuric acid without a licence

05 November 2018

The Poisons Act 1972 (Explosives Precursors) (Amendment) Regulations 2018 (SI 2018/451), have amended Part 1 of Schedule 1A to the Poisons Act 1972, to include sulfuric acid in the list of regulated explosives precursors where it is concentrated above 15% weight in weight. It has been removed from the list of reportable explosive precursors in Part 3 of the Schedule. This change has been brought in force in stages:

From 1st July, the change applied to the offences of importing, acquiring and supplying a regulated substance.

From 1st November, the change also applies to the offences of possessing and using a regulated substance.

The effect of these changes is is that a member of the public will now be required to apply for a licence in order to import, acquire, possess or use sulfuric acid concentrated above 15%, in accordance with sections 3 and 4A of the Act. It will also be an offence to supply sulfuric acid in this concentration to a member of the public without first verifying that the member of the public has a licence, entering the details of the transaction in the licence, or ensuring that a warning label is affixed to the packaging, in accordance with section 3A of the Act.

(Please note, the spelling of the term 'sulfuric acid' has been updated from "sulphuric acid" to reflect recommended standardised spelling.)

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