Legal News & Articles

Legal Article: Seizing and Examining Mobile Phones

27 August 2019

In this article, PNLD Legal Adviser, Ruth Hartley, answers questions regularly posed by officers, clarifying the extent of and restrictions to the powers available for the seizure and subsequent examination of mobile phones.

Counter-terror chief says policing alone cannot beat extremism

06 August 2019

Britain's most senior counter-terrorism officer has said the police and security services are no longer enough to win the fight against violent extremism, and the UK must instead improve community cohesion, social mobility and education.

MPs call for police in schools to cut youth violence

31 July 2019

Schools in areas with a higher risk of youth violence should be given dedicated police officers, say MPs. The Home Affairs Committee criticised the government's current violence reduction strategy as "completely inadequate".

Legal Article: Offensive Weapons Act 2019

25 July 2019

Legal Article: The Offensive Weapons Act 2019 received Royal Assent on 16th May 2019. PNLD legal adviser Danielle Johnson gives a brief overview of the new offences that are in force with immediate effect and the changes that are to be made in due course.