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Policing resources at dangerously low levels, ex Scotland Yard chiefs warn

05 July 2019

British policing resources have been "drained to dangerously low levels", five ex-Met Police chiefs have warned. The former commissioners, who ran London's police force from 1993 to 2017, said cuts had "contributed to the feeling of lawlessness" generated by knife crime and county lines drugs.

Never drive in a lane with a red X

10 June 2019

From the 10th June 2019, motorway cameras will be able to be used to automatically catch drivers who drive in a lane with a red X. The penalty is £100 and 3 penalty points on your driving record.

Rough sleeping: Arrests fall as police brand law 'archaic'

04 June 2019

Police have criticised a law allowing beggars and rough sleepers to be arrested, as figures reveal they are using their powers less. Arrests under the Vagrancy Act have halved over two years, data obtained by the BBC suggests.