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Third generation synthetic cannabinoids update

18 November 2019

'Third generation' synthetic cannabinoids were originally controlled through a generic definition in December 2016, following advice from the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs (ACMD). Due to the broad nature of the generic definition some compounds were unintentionally captured under this definition, inadvertently subjecting them to strict controls.

UK drone pilots have 25 days to register with regulator

05 November 2019

UK drone pilots have until the end of November to register their details with the Civil Aviation Authority. The mandatory requirement to register covers owners of drones or model aircraft weighing more than 250g (8.8oz).

Legal Article: Arrests on warrants and for offences

25 October 2019

PNLD regularly receives queries in relation to a person’s arrest, both on a warrant and for an offence, often asking what options are available and how the custody clock is affected. Nicola Robinson, Legal Adviser at PNLD, has outlined some of the possible scenarios, below.

UK and US sign landmark Data Access Agreement

04 October 2019

Home Secretary Priti Patel last night (Thursday 3 October) signed an historic agreement that will enable British law enforcement agencies to directly demand electronic data relating to terrorists, child sexual abusers and other serious criminals from US tech firms.

Crime (Overseas Production Orders) Act 2019 in force

10 October 2019

The Crime (Overseas Production Orders) Act 2019 is now in force. This Act addresses the constraints of existing domestic court orders and the limits of Mutual Legal Assistance (MLA) in being able to compel the production of electronic data from another jurisdiction quickly.