Legal News & Articles

Legal Article: Domestic Abuse and Protective Measures

25 September 2020

Domestic Abuse has prevalently featured in the news in recent months, with reports of a significant rise in cases as a consequence of the current Coronavirus pandemic. PNLD legal adviser Danielle Johnson provides a brief overview of the current measures available, as well as the possible changes to expect from the Domestic Abuse Bill.

Legal Article: The Dishonesty Test

25 August 2020

PNLD Legal Adviser, Ian Bridges, provides an overview of the case law in relation to dishonesty, in particular the recent case of R v Barton and another 2020, which confirmed the overruling of the dishonesty test in R v Ghosh 1982.

Counter-Terrorism and Border Security Act 2019 and Codes of Practice

13 August 2020

Further sections of the Counter-Terrorism and Border Security Act 2019 are in force from 13 August 2020. Three new and revised codes of practice also come in force, regarding national security functions carried out at UK ports and the Northern Ireland border.

Legal Article: Lucy’s Law

25 July 2020

PNLD Legal Adviser, Zoe McDonald, provides an overview of Lucy's Law and addresses what have been perceived as loopholes in the legislation in terms of jurisdiction, as well as looking at the confusion regarding what provisions apply to licence holders as opposed to those who are occasional breeders.