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Legal Article: Stalking Protection Orders

27 July 2021

The Stalking Protection Act 2019 came in force on the 20th January 2020 and with it came the introduction of Stalking Protection Orders (SPOs). These civil orders, which could be applied for without the need for criminal proceedings to have commenced, aimed to protect victims with pre-conviction intervention. PNLD published an article in February 2020 with details of the new orders; how they could be applied for, what they could achieve and offences that would committed upon breach.

Legal Article: Victim Personal Statements

25 June 2021

The Victim Personal Statement (VPS) Scheme was formally introduced into the Criminal Justice System of England and Wales on 1st October 2001. It is now included in the Criminal Practice Directions 2015, Division VII, Part F and is also embedded in the Code of Practice for Victims of Crime 2020 (the Victims’ Code). In accordance with section 63 of the Sentencing Act 2020 the provision of a VPS will assist a sentencing court to consider the offender's culpability in committing the offence, and any harm which the offence caused, was intended to cause, or might foreseeably have caused. It is also important in providing victims with the opportunity to be heard.