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Summary offences: commencing proceedings and other associated matters

29 January 2021

Whilst the time limit for summary offences is a requirement that most officers are familiar with, PNLD are often asked for advice on matters arising from the time limit, such as methods of commencing proceedings correctly and other relevant issues. Due to this, PNLD Legal Adviser, Ruth Hartley, provides a re-cap on the summary time limit, touching on some of the matters that PNLD are regularly asked to advise on.

Special Warnings and Voluntary Attenders

24 December 2020

A query received by the Legal Team at PNLD recently, divided opinion. Although a definitive answer could not be found due to an absence of case law on the matter; the differing perspectives made for interesting reading. As such, PNLD Legal Adviser, Zoe McDonald, has provided an overview of the issue and the varying perspectives.

Surrender of Offensive Weapons (Compensation) Regulations 2020

10 December 2020

The Offensive Weapons Act 2019 amends various pieces of legislation with the effect that it becomes an offence to possess certain dangerous knives, offensive weapons, firearms and ancillary equipment which it was previously lawful to possess, along with detailing for the surrender of such items.

Offensive Weapons Act 2019

10 December 2020

Section 44 of the Offensive Weapons Act 2019 is in force from 10 December 2020, insofar as it provides a defence for a person charged with an offence under section 1(1) of the Restriction of Offensive Weapons Act 1959. The defence is added to section 1 of the 1959 Act.

Sentencing Act 2020

01 December 2020

The Sentencing Act 2020 came in force on 1 December 2020. Whilst the Act streamlines procedural sentencing matters, it does not replace sentencing guidelines, alter any pre-existing maximum sentences, or introduce harsher penalties.

Legal Article: E-scooter trials - an overview

25 November 2020

This article, written by PNLD’s traffic law consultant, Christopher Smith, provides an overview of the rules, legislation changes and offences that apply to rental e-scooters trials.