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Tina Orr Munro, EditorEditorial - Autumn 2017

The end of summer signals the beginning of the conference ‘season’ and I must confess to being a bit of a serial attender, as they are always a rich source of stories for a journalist. However, as a practitioner, I always think that with so many conferences to choose from – added to the pressure of having to take time off work – it must be difficult to decide which is the most relevant.

undefinedThe good news about PNLD’s one-day Criminal Law Conference, which is taking place on 17 October in Lichfield, is that it more than meets this criterium. Firstly, and in the current climate increasingly unusually, it is free. Secondly, it is hugely pertinent to anyone who needs to be up-to-date with criminal legislation, including its implications for frontline law enforcement. This year’s conference is almost full, but there are still some places left, so if you’d like to attend, please contact pnldmarketing@

A warm welcome to Shelley Gregory who is one of the newest members of PNLD’s legal team. For her article this month (p8), Shelley has focused on disclosure which is legislated for under the Criminal Procedure and Investigations Act 1996, as amended by the Criminal Justice Act 2003, and is also covered in the Disclosure Manual and the Attorney General’s Guidelines.

Shelley takes a closer look at the 2015 review of the summary process in the magistrates’ courts which aimed to achieve a fair system for the disclosure of unused material to assist the defence in preparing their case and to improve the proportionality of file preparation – allowing the court’s time to be utilised more efficiently by focusing on the trial issues.


Concerns over increase in police-recorded crime p4

PNLD’s popular Criminal Law Conference returns p5

Home Office funds fight against online grooming p6

HMIC set to undergo huge expansion complaints p7

New welfare service receives funding p7


A Early disclosure p8
Shelley Gregory, PNLD Legal Adviser, examines the law governing the disclosure of unused material

FNew Deal? p12
MP David Lammy’s sweeping review offers a raft of recommendations to reduce discrimination within the criminal justice system


Police Policy & Practice p14
NPPF Step 2 Legal Exam (formerly OSPRE Part 1) Promotion Exams – Q&A p18
Police Career Opportunities p20
Legislation & Statutory Instruments p22
Case Law & Legal Queries p28

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