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    New code of practice for CCTV
    A new code of practice providing guidance on the use of CCTV has been issued by the Data Protection Commissioner.

    Cases of interest
    R v Zafar and others (2008) explains the scope of the offence of possessing articles for the purpose of terrorism, section 57 of the Terrorism Act 2000.

    R (on the application of G) v CC of West Yorkshire (2008) clarifies the powers of custody officers to detain suspects pending CPS advice. It also deals with the relationship between statutory powers set out in PACE and guidance issued by the DPP.

    Amendments to PACE Codes 1st February
    Amendments have been made to PACE Codes A to E and are effective from the 1st February 2008. There is nothing that has a significant effect on present practices. There are a couple of different pilot schemes set up in selected areas, but they will not have much impact on forces for the time being.

    If you want to test your knowledge on PACE and the Codes of Practice, have a look at more than 100 frequently asked questions on PACE, such as:

    What amounts to "reasonable grounds for suspicion" under PACE Code A, para. 2.2? answer
    How do I deal with an illiterate detained person? answer
    Can make-up be used for identification parades? answer

    New border and immigration arrest powers
    Designated Immigration Officers now have powers of arrest, search seizure and detention under the UK Borders Act 2007. However, powers exercised under this legislation are subject to restrictions, most significantly a police officer must attend as soon as practicable, so the case can be handed over. If the police are not involved there is a maximum time limit of three hours before the suspect must be released.

    PNLD Conference 2008
    The next PNLD conference will be held on Thursday, 24th April 2008 at the Tally Ho Conference Centre, Birmingham. Conference places (including lunch and refreshments) are still available, priced at £85. Book online at www.pnld.co.uk.

    Police Operational Handbook
    The 2007/08 edition of the Police Operational Handbook has been published on 24th October at a price of £21.95. This pocket-sized guide is an invaluable source of information whether out on the beat or when studying for promotion. Buy it online at www.pnld.co.uk.

    Points to Prove
    The pocket sized Points to Prove booklet identifies the 50 most common offences. Sets of 20 copies for £5 are available from our internet website at www.pnld.co.uk (credit/debit cards sales only for this). For more information contact Craig Brown on 01924 208319 or craig.brown@westyorkshire.pnn.police.uk.

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