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    A new Terrorism offence
    Under the Terrorism Act 2000 there is a new offence of tipping off in relation to the prevention of the use the financial system for the purpose of terrorist financing. The offence mirrors that under the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 used for the purpose of money laundering which itself has been widened to cover the regulated sector.

    Suspended tow or full lift?
    Over the New Year the issue was raised as to whether a seized vehicle, which was not broken down, could be given a front suspended tow or had to have a full lift. The debate along with all the replies from different parts of the country have been put on the database. If you have more to add to the discussion send an email to dick.harlow@westyorkshire.pnn.police.uk.

    Four interesting cases

    Ward v PSNI 2007
    Prior to an interview the police do not have a legal obligation to disclose the questions they are going to ask or the topics they intend to cover, that was the decision of the House of Lords (although this is a Northern Ireland case, it is something that can and should be taken into consideration by officers in England and Wales). This case will help strengthen the police's position with regard to what, if any, information they disclose prior to an interview taking place.

    L v CPS 2007
    Two youths found in suspicious circumstances in a yard two days after a burglary. Could they be found on enclosed premises?

    R v Devani 2007
    Prison guards see a prisoner passing letters to a visitor. They question the visitor, should they have used the caution?

    R v K 2007
    A woman makes an emergency call to the Police about domestic violence and then refuses to make a statement against her partner. Can the tape of the 999 call be used to help prove the prosecution case?

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