Coronavirus Act 2020 – Schedule 21 : Powers relating to Potentially Infectious Persons

27 March 2020

The measures under Schedule 21 of the Coronavirus Act 2020 provide for the detention, isolation and the screening of potentially infectious persons also allowing for the imposition of restrictions and requirements to such persons. The Act also creates 12 new offences, which are discussed further below (6 applicable to England and 6 to Wales respectively). The offences will apply when provisions of the act have not been complied with.

Coronavirus Act 2020 - Schedule 20 - Power to suspend port operations

27 March 2020

Maintaining border security is a priority.  Should the resources of the border force be reduced due to the coronavirus to the extent that border security is at risk, Schedule 20 to the Act provides powers which will allow for the Secretary of States to give a direction to suspend relevant port operations and divert arrivals to the UK to a port where there will be sufficient Border Force Officers to ensure security is maintained.

Coronavirus: New jury trials halted in England and Wales

23 March 2020

All new jury trials in England and Wales have been halted until they can be conducted safely, the Lord Chief Justice has announced. In a letter to judges and magistrates, Lord Burnett said the decision was made to "ensure social distancing in court" amid the ongoing spread of coronavirus.