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In addition to the Legal Database, which is available on subscription, PNLD also provide a public facing website, Ask the Police This website has been created to answer the general public's most frequently asked police based questions. As increasing numbers of people are able to find the information they need online, so the number of non-emergency calls to the police is reduced, freeing up resources and saving money.

All PNLD's websites can be viewed on any web-enabled device and free i-phone and android apps have been developed for 'Ask the Police'.

However, not all PNLD's products rely on computer technology. Published by Oxford University Press our highly regarded Blackstone's Police Operational Handbook: Law is drawn from PNLD's legal database and is edited by one of PNLD's team of Legal Advisers. Despite its compact size, the Handbook contains a wealth of information specially selected to meet the needs of the operational police officer, police community support officer, special constable or other practitioner who has to interpret and apply the criminal law within the community. Further information on these items is available.

Further titles have since been added; these include Blackstone's Police Operational Handbook: Practice and Procedure, Blackstone's Counter-Terrorism Handbook and the Blackstone's Handbook of Ports and Border Security.

PNLD also provides the legal content for Police Mutual's 'Definitions and Points to Prove' booklet, which continues to be extremely popular across the Police Service.

PNLD host an Annual National Conference, First Line in the Frontline. This event is unique, the only one tailored specifically for the needs of police sergeants, inspectors and police staff working within Criminal Justice. Details of the next Conference will be published on our home page.

Our latest service is the introduction of advertising on our websites. Companies and organisations wishing to promote their products and services, either to a specialist policing audience or to the huge number of people both within the UK and abroad who visit the Ask the Police website, can contact us by email for more information.

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